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16 February 2010 @ 07:20 pm
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Uh oh.
aim; xalyaddiction

My name is Aly :D This is my personal journal and I honestly don't want the whole world seeing it xD
But if you have something in common with me, let's be friends, yeah?
I'm all about:
SHINee / Big Bang / Epik High/ SNSD / ect. ect.
♥ NEWS/ KAT-TUN/ Arashi / JE / ect. ect.
♥ Jpop/rock&Kpop
♥ Anime / Death Note

-I don't use lj cuts unless I feel its absolutely necessary. I'm really lazy xD-
-I tend to be really unorganized. My thoughts are random and all over the place.
-I SPEAK MY MIND. Don't judge please D:
-I'm a perv and I cuss too much.

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22 June 2009 @ 06:36 pm
His name was Jinki.

He had the most breathtaking smile, the most beautiful brown eyes. You miss when he would sing to you in that smooth, velvet voice. You miss the way would try to make everyone laugh but just fail and the fact that he failed would make everyone laugh anyway.

He was your first love.

You two met in grade school. He was the new kid, he moved from the countryside. On his first day he was beaten - he was sitting in the corner of the classroom, his long black hair covering his eyes, his chin resting on his knees. His arms were badly bruised and his uniform was ripped all over the place - his tie was almost torn in two and on the floor. The thing was, he was grinning. You helped him up and your friendship started from there. You found Jinki to be rather optimistic. Even though he was bullied, even though his parents were divorced and he almost failed his classes, he grinned through it all - and that's what you liked about Jinki the most.

In middle school, you started questioning your sexuality. There's no doubt about it, you're attracted to Jinki. The obsession with pink, shopping and cooking makes it even worse. Although you've only been drawn to one guy in your entire life (come to think of it, the only person), you're pretty sure you are.

High school has come and you're sure you're gay - and in love. Your heart thumps erratically everytime Jinki's in the same room, nothing makes you feel happier than when you and Jinki are together. You finally decide to confess.

You and Jinki are eating lunch when you blurt out, being as straight forward as you are, "I love you."
He simply looks at you - his smile long gone and says, "I can't be with you, sorry." Then walks off.

You grab his wrist, eyes burning with tears and demand to know why. He shrugs. "My heart's dysfunctional," he says while pushing you away. You were left standing in the middle of the cafeteria, all eyes glued to you while you fell to the floor and sobbed.

For the next few months, you and Jinki didn't talk much - but you decided you wouldn't give up. Every chance you had, you'd say, "I love you, Jinki." He'd never reply. The always smiling Lee Jinki never grinned anymore.

You finally get him to crack. Before you tell Jinki that you love him during passing period, he seals your mouth with his hand and pushes you against a locker. You grab his hand and thrust it aside. "Why don't you love me?"
Tears begin to roll down his cheek. "How can I love someone when I'm dying, Kibum? I have a heart problem, damn it!"


You stand at the altar, ready to make your speech.

"Jinki and I met in grade school. I was in love with Jinki, in fact I still am. To be honest, I don't think he's really left. Where ever he may be, I know he's watching me - I know he's waiting for me."
21 June 2009 @ 09:20 pm
You've know Kibum since you were a kid. He lives in the same neighborhood and goes to your school. Even though he's a year younger, he's in the same grade as you. He's pretty hot for a guy- (not that you're gay or anything...) straight black hair and piercing brown eyes, plus he's taller than you and has good fashion sense. Oh, and he annoys the hell out of you. You've wanted to bitch slap him since you first met him.

Kibum has the most disgusting, perverted mind on the whole fricking world and he never shuts up about his "amazing rapping skills". He constantly brags about how good he is at English and about the millions of girls that are head over heels about him.

He knows you hate him, and yet he still makes up ridiculous nicknames for you like a friend would. Bling Bling was the first one, Jjong was the second, and you lost count after that.

You're sitting at your desk, looking out the window, waiting for class to start when you hear giggling from the other side of the room. You know instantly that its the group of girls circled around Kibum. You're about to shoot Kibum a dirty look when you meet his eyes - he winks at you and your heart stops beating. It feels like you've hit a blank wall because you can't remember why you were annoyed in the first place - you can't even remember your own name. Then you realize its probably just to piss you off. You're heart drops a little and you're back to being irritated.

You hate gym, especially because Kibum's in it and he has the locker next to your's. Gym is your last class of the day and you're usually the last one to leave - but not today. Kibum is watching you while you change.
"Can you change any faster?"
"Can you be less annoying?"
He frowns and leans over.
"I've got something you want, Bling Bling," Kibum whispers into your ear.
"A shot gun so I can shoot you?" you retort.
"No," he says a little irate now, "me."
Then his mouth is on yours and you think you've gone insane because this can't possibly be happening and...you like it.

"I think I'm in love with you, Jonghyunnie."
25 May 2009 @ 10:39 am
-Watch a movie with Yolanda
-Walk to smith's with Tori
-Do something with Andrea
-Go to McDonalds with Jonathan
-Find a boyfriend XP
-Throw a goodbye party for Matthew
-Camwhore with Geno
-Go to one of Christine's parties and watch a movie with Patrice, Jade and Christine.
-Buy Death Note stuff with the gaysians
-Hang out with Athena at fashionshow mall
-Ulzzang for five sites
-Buy a HUGE star jar at morning glory and fill it up
-Take a picture with Yunnie
-Spend an afternoon at Aryonna's house
-Go swimming with Vanessa
-Learn the Replay, Love like Oxygen, A.Mi.Go and Juliette dance
-Meet Arjo, Joey and Marcus
-Walk into all of the stores in Chinatown with Denise
-Beat CJ at initial D
-Go to townsquare with Alayne
-Not cuss for a day
-Get blue or green geolens
-Learn how to play "Only Human" on the piano
03 April 2009 @ 09:44 pm
What's up with Johnny just randomly adding girls in PVs?
First KT's Rescue, then NEWS's new single.
Not that I have anything against it -
but yeah xD